Hearing is one thing – you hear with your ears.

Listening is another – you listen with your brain.

If you want to hear better, first you need to learn to listen.

LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancementis the world’s leading communication therapy for teaching people how to listen and improve their hearing. By learning to listen better, LACE users improve their lives by developing their communication and listening skills.

With over 60,000 courses completed, LACE has been shown to  improve listening by up to 40%, improving their ability to comprehend speech and communicate better.

LACE is not just a hearing loss treatment – virtually any adult can benefit from LACE, learn to listen and learn skills to communicate better. The short course is simple to use at home and is suitable for anyone who wants to learn better or improve their hearing and communication:

  • People who struggle to hear – particularly speech & voices
  • Hearing aid users & people new to hearing aids users
  • Anyone looking for hearing impairment treatment
  • LACE may also help some people with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
  • Find more information on who could benefit from LACE here.

For more information on LACE, how it works and the potential benefits, please contact a Certified LACE Training Centre for more details.

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