Memory and Cognition Benefits

Memory improvement and cognitive improvement are intrinsically linked to our ability to communicate and listen. The exercises in LACE understand this and are designed to improve your memory and cognitive skills.

LACE’s daily training sessions are the perfect short workout to gently improve memory and cognitive ability, in the same manner as sudhoku, crosswords and other mental games. Listening to, and repeating sentences in LACE helps train and improve the way your brain processes sound into information and subsequently retains the information, recall of that information.

And because memory improvement and our general cognitive abilities are so important in daily life, improving our cognitive skills improves our everyday lives.

Memory Games and Other Tips

There are many tips, techniques and activities available to improve one’s long-term and short-term memory and cognition. As human beings, it goes without saying how cognitive and mental health are important to our quality of life.

Other memory and conition improving strategies include:

    • Getting enough sleep
    • Reading
    • Social interaction and maintaining an active social life
    • Staying active and keeping busy
    • Being curious and engaging with life
    • Sudhoku, crosswords, cards, chess and other ”thinking” games
    • The list goes on

LACE can support of all the above - or similar - activities, that may help improve long and short term memory, or overall mental condition.  

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